Via Smart Contract

Dashboard is not the only way to deposit funds into your gas tank

Apart from the dashboard, you can also make the deposit on the dApp Gas Tank smart contract externally.

Follow these steps to make a deposit via the dApp Gas Tank Smart Contract:

  • Copy your funding key from the dApp dashboard.

Using correct funding key is important as it's the only way to attribute incoming deposits to your dApp.

  • Go to the contract code in the block explorer (Explorer links present under Dapp Gas Tank Contracts in Contract Addresses section). From the read section find out the value of minDeposit set for that particular network.

Your deposits should be higher than min deposit

  • Connect your wallet. In the write methods, go to depositFor and enter your funding key with the deposit amount and make a transaction.

Via Gnosis MultiSig Wallet

If you need to use a MultiSig wallet to deposit and cannot connect your wallet like above, follow the below steps given for Gnosis safe. Your Safe -> Apps -> Transaction Builder

Copy the ABI and address in the next form and select method depositFor. Enter the amount of deposit and your funding key -> Add transaction -> Send transactions.

For addresses go to: Dapp Gas Tank Contracts

It's also possible to make a deposit programmatically from your client-side code. You can find relevant contract addresses for the Dapp gas tank here.

//addresses and abi for gas tank can be found in smart contracts page
let gasTankContract = new ethers.Contract(
                        <GAS TANK ADDRESS>,
                        <GAS TANK ABI>,
                        <signer or provider with acccounts>

let fundingKey = <Your funding key>;
// replace with your desired funding amount (in wei) 
let tx = await gasTankContract.depositFor(fundingKey, {from:userAddress, value: β€œ1000000000000000000”});
let receipt = await tx.wait(1);
console.log(β€œreceipt”, receipt);

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