How we simplify transactions

Enable a simple blockchain transaction experience by leveraging our scalable relayer infrastructure.
By understanding the pain points for both developers and their end-users, crypto savvy or otherwise, our aim is to simplify transactions by handling blockchain-related complexities under the hood. Through Biconomy's infrastructure, your users can:
  • Onboard without paying gas through gasless transactions
  • Avoid blockchain complexities such as changing network
  • Enjoy lightning-fast confirmed transactions
Moreover, our infrastructure takes care of gas optimization and transaction management. We deal with gas price fluctuations to reduce gas costs by as much as 40% so that you can focus on building your project. We also make sure that your transactions are never pending or stuck for long.

How do we do it?

This is possible using the concept of meta transactions where the user is able to do a transaction on the blockchain with zero balance account and any third party can pay for the transaction fees for the user. We enable this at scale by providing a non-custodial and gas-efficient relayer infrastructure network.
To dig deeper into meta transactions, you can read our detailed piece on meta transactions.
Check out the next section 'Dashboard' to register your dApp. Then you can start reading our guide ‘Enable Gasless Transactions’ to know how to use our plug-n-play solution to easily integrate meta transactions to your application.