🔰Native Meta Transactions

Building your first meta transaction enabled DApp

This tutorial is a step by step approach of making a simple DApp (Decentralized Application) on Ethereum Blockchain from scratch creating both smart contract and the client side UI.

Then we'll be enabling native meta transactions in the smart contract and at last enabling gasless transactions in the DApp by integrating Gasless SDK (EOA) on client side.

Demo Code https://github.com/bcnmy/dapp-demo

Live Demo https://dapp.biconomy.io/


This tutorial assumes you know the basics of Solidity programming on Ethereum, basics of reactjs and nodejs.

Click on the links above to know more about the topic.

What to expect in the tutorial

This tutorial is divided into three sections

We'll be creating a simple Quote Owning DApp where a quote will be shown on the screen along with its owner information. Anyone can update the quote stored on the blockchain using his account and everyone will see the changed quote with the new owner information. Simple enough?

Now we have a simple DApp with a smart contract and a user interface to interact with the smart contract. In order to enable native meta transactions in this DApp, we need to do some modifications in the smart contract so that we can get rid of msg.sender property from our smart contracts.

Integrate Biconomy to enable meta transactions

Now we have everything setup, last step is Biconomy integration to convert a bad user experience into a magical user experience. You'll see it yourself at the end of tutorial.

Let's get started 🚀

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