Projects on Biconomy

List of projects which have integrated mexa sdk and using Biconomy's relayer engine infrastructure.
Mexa SDK Integrations
Curve Finance is using Biconomy to do meta transactions to do gasless BTC deposits. When you deposit bitcoin to convert to renbtc which will be used then to be deposited into the pool would require btc holder to have eth to pay for gas. This is a seamless and easy way for people who have idle BTC to provide liquidity to both sbtc and renbtc pools.
Live Integration:

2) Perpetual Protocol

Perpetual Protocol is using Biconomy to provide seamless trading experience on xDai blockchain. Main advantage of using Biconomy is gasless transactions where user don't have to keep xDAI tokens in their wallets to pay for gas fee and also blockchain agnostic transactions that means the end user does not need to change the RPC url in their wallet like metamask.
Live Integration:

3) Decentral Games

Decentral Games is using Biconomy on Matic Network to provide a seamless gaming experience to its users by providing gas less transactions on Matic Network. End use just need to get coins like Matic Mana or DAI to play games and not the matic tokens to pay for gas fee.
Live Integration:

4) Sapien Network

A social blogging platform with over 40k users, Sapien is using Biconomy to provide frictionless interaction with the platform by enabling gasless transactions. Now Sapien members will be able to freely give Charges and transact in SPN on the platform, unburdened by potentially volatile gas fees and much more.
And the list goes on...